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Pianist. Speaker. Educator.

​For inquiries, contact or use the online contact form.


Concert / Recital Halls

  • Sample Programs available HERE. Start the booking process HERE. 

College / Universities- Eunbi loves connecting with students and emerging artists. She offers performances, lectures and workshops, masterclasses, composer readings, talks (see more under "Educator" category)

Salon / House Concerts- Book Eunbi for a house concert! House concerts take place in living rooms or other private spaces in people's homes. They're taking up a storm across the country as more people crave intimate and one-of-a-kind shared experiences (read here). 
Requirements: a well-maintained and tuned acoustic piano, audience of at least 20 people, and concert-style seating (not intended for background music or cocktail hour). 

  • Interested in hosting a house concert? Fill out an inquiry form HERE to learn more. If it's your first time, don't worry- Eunbi will guide you on every step of the process. 

​Outreach / Community- Eunbi has performed 150+ outreach/community concerts rangiNg in venues from community and retirement centers, libraries, churches, and hospitals. She shares tidbits and stories on all the music she performs and offers Q&A's with audiences. 

  • Please contact for availability and rates/quote HERE. 

Special Events- Eunbi is available to perform private functions and events ranging from fundraising benefits and galas, award ceremonies, and other special celebrations. Note: not available for weddings.

  • Please contact for availability and rates/quote HERE. 




Panelist- Eunbi has been invited by national and local arts organizations to speak on various music entrepreneurship topics from launching new performance projects to ways artists can create your own opportunities through networking, booking, and marketing.
Selected past events include Chamber Music America ("NextGen Sessions," “Why Should They Show Up? Reinventing the Concert Experience”), New York Foundation for the Arts ("Self-Producing for Artists"), Asian American Arts Alliance ("Marketing for Musicians"), Center for Music Entrepreneurship at Manhattan School of Music ("Booking and Promoting Your Own Performances"), New Music Gathering ("Commissioning New Music").


College /Universities- 

  • Sample Residency Packages available HERE. ​​

K-12 Settings- Masterclasses and special presentations for young audiences. 
I’ve Got a Great Job — I'm a Musician
A Concert Pianist's Job, Instrument and Music

​Private Teaching- Eunbi has been teaching private piano to young beginners, amateur adults, and advanced high school / college students for the past decade. She currently maintains a private studio in Manhattan, NYC and is on the piano faculty at Concordia Conservatory / Concordia College in Westchester, NY where she's previously taught group piano classes, coached chamber music groups, and tutored AP Music Theory.

  • To learn more about studying with Eunbi, please visit her teaching studio website HERE. 

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