"Eunbi Kim plays with passion, command and great warmth."

Fred Hersch

“beautifully performed with liquid elegance”

Times Union

“In this age of pop supremacy, Eunbi’s approach to music is distinct for the way it bucks the trends—making classical piano relevant through unique collaborations and interesting subject matter.”


"My favourites are Hersch's Little Midnight Nocturne, a meltingly beautiful response to Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight, and a brief Satiesque prelude which gets better with each rehearing. Kim recorded these pieces under Hersch's supervision and it shows: her playing oozes warmth and affection, her rubato just subtle enough to hint at his jazz roots. A low-key treat; my only gripe being that it’s too short at just over 44 minutes."

The Arts Desk

Album Review for A House of Many Rooms

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