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A House of Many Rooms: New Concert Music by Fred Hersch

A House of Many Rooms: New Concert Music by Fred Hersch


"A House of Many Rooms" is a mysterious place that beckons you to explore.


Each inclusion on Eunbi Kim’s debut recording of multi-genre concert music by Fred Hersch evokes a distinct sound, atmosphere, or color waiting to be uncovered and interpreted by the listener. One variation is plush, reminding Kim of deep wine, silk and velvet. Another inspires a living room with a warm fireplace and sounds of light rain outside.


Kim plays this music vividly and fervently, exploring Hersch’s unrecorded works, as one would any newly discovered treasure trove from a living master.

"My favourites are Hersch's Little Midnight Nocturne, a meltingly beautiful response to Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight, and a brief Satiesque prelude which gets better with each rehearing. Kim recorded these pieces under Hersch's supervision and it shows: her playing oozes warmth and affection, her rubato just subtle enough to hint at his jazz roots." - The Arts Desk


"Eunbi Kim plays with passion, command and great warmth." –

Fred Hersch

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